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Stop Thief! (1280x1024

Published 1920
Topics slapstick, comedy

A thief who stole a wallet, is chased by the police in this short slapstick scene. This is a 9,5 mm Pathéscope film which is digitized and restaurated by Cinepro Filmscanning from Zandvoort, Holland. We scanned this in the resolution 1280x1024 and resized it to 720x576.

We also think that this movie is missing a scene.

The year is a guess

Run time 3:00
Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: zazou2009 - - February 9, 2012
Subject: funny
Interesting how the business rival is more successful than the police.
Reviewer: Deichbrand_1 - - August 19, 2011
Subject: Buster Keaton fans should watch it
============= Some Spoilers =================
No, he does not perform here, but in case you are familiar with him, then you might recognize some of his characteristics:
- the hat
- the scene with the cloth -- see The Scarecrow

It is a good short flick with a nice ending. The acting is a bit too staged, but has its charm.
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